What Makes Veritas Different?


First and foremost, Veritas exists to disciple students in Christ, to bring up children in the paideia of the Lord, which is the training of the whole person of the student to love the Lord with all their hearts, minds, and strength. Discipleship takes place as teachers mentor the students in the way they think about every subject and how they live it out, all from the perspective of God’s Word, in a way that reflects the truth, goodness, and beauty of God.

The model of education through which this discipleship is carried out is called “classical” which emphasizes cultivation of wisdom and virtue, not just knowledge and skill, training of critical thinking, not just ability to access information, and training in the liberal arts of the trivium and the quadrivium, that produces students who are truly wise, virtuous, and free.

A godly community is both the means and the end of a true education. Education of the whole person requires a community of parents, teachers, friends, pastors who will keep the student accountable. The student is loved, encouraged, and discipled so that the student is growing as a vital member of the body of Christ and a valuable citizen of the commonwealth.




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