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Dear Veritas Families & Friends,

What a year it has been! The year 2020 will definitely be a major milestone in our lives. It certainly has been for Veritas community.

In the Spring of 2020, when the school had to go online due to covid, all staff & faculty quickly responded with a crash course on online teaching, even giving up their Spring Break to prepare. As a result, Veritas students were able to successfully adapt to online learning, while most of the other schools were struggling.

After the summer, Veritas was one of the first schools to receive the waiver for primary students to return to school, including a new JK class. For secondary students, the teachers worked hard to shift their plans into a block schedule, to allow for an easier transition between in-person and online instruction. On campus, with a high level of covid preparedness and cooperation of the entire community, Veritas was able to provide an almost normal level of education, to the surprise of many onlookers.

Looking back at an unforgettable year, I am thankful that God has given us grace to provide a good education to all our students. But I am also thankful for how God has trained all of us to be resilient, in times of trials. To put our hope in Christ, to trust Him with all our might, and to obey Him in raising our children in the ways of the Lord.

It is with renewed strength that we are launching 2021 Veritas Fund campaign, to raise funds to provide for 1) more classrooms to split primary grades, 2) a playground, 3) staff & faculty development. These will be grouped under “General” donation, but we are creating a specific donation under “Bridge Fund” to create funds to help families that might be economically impacted by the Coronavirus situation. Both types will be part of this year’s Veritas Fund.

The Veritas Fund Campaign will end on May 28th, 2021. Our Goal is to have 100% participation in giving from all Veritas families, faculty, administration, and Board.

There is no expectation of a specific amount of donation, except that the amount donated will count towards the $750 Family Contribution Fund. Veritas has a total fundraising target of $150,000 this year to cover the expenses for the critical areas of growth mentioned above.

As your donation will help to fulfill Christ’s cause at Veritas, please pray to commit to giving according to the riches of Christ. Donations may be made online through our website or you may write a check payable to “Veritas Classical Academy,” indication in the memo line whether it is “General” or “Bridge Fund.” We will track participation and update everyone periodically.

With Humble Gratitude,

Dr. David Kim

Founder & Headmaster

We appreciate your support!

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