For your convenience, Veritas has two vendors for uniforms:
Land’s End and French Toast.



Shoes: For safety, close toed shoes, sports shoes, tennis shoes are acceptable. High heels, platforms, sandals, backless shoes are not allowed.

General Rationale for a Dress Code:
1.    Being overly concerned with clothing and outward appearances is contrary to God’s will for us as revealed in Scripture (1 Sam. 16:7; Matt. 6:19-21, James 4:4, 1 John 2:15 – 17).
2.    Pressure felt by children to compete in areas of dress are destructive to the unity of the school and the body of Christ.
3.    Everything in our lives, including our clothing, should reflect the order of the Godhead and the order He has created in the world (1 Corinthians 14:40).
4.    Clothing should be modest and not draw attention to the individual (1 Timothy 2:9) and should reflect differences in gender (Deuteronomy 22:5).
5.    Our children are serving as witnesses and ambassadors both for the Lord Jesus Christ and the school.  Student appearance is a reflection of both.

Specific Rationale for Uniforms

  1. Uniforms are a positive discipline at school. Veritas Classical Academy emphasizes the value of a disciplined learning environment. Just as adults dress appropriately for work, students must also dress appropriately for school. A school uniform signals to the student that it’s time for hard work and studious activity.  It also fosters civility, school unity and class spirit.
  2. Uniforms prevent problems associated with the subjective interpretation of a dress code policy. Uniforms eliminate any confusion about what is acceptable, modest and appropriate by Veritas Classical Academy’s standards.  Uniforms encourage students to evaluate people by their behavior and personality rather than their clothing.
  3. Uniforms tend to decrease the cost of student clothing. Our uniform vendors provide economical and durable items.

General Dress Code for All Students

  1. Clothing should be appropriately sized and not have any tears or holes. Pants must fit properly.  Excessively baggy and sagging pants are not permitted, nor are pants that are too tight.
  2. Jewelry in pierced body parts is not permitted, with the exception of earrings for girls.  For safety reasons, oversized or hoop earrings are not permitted.  Barrettes, hair bows and all hair accessories are allowed in moderate sizes and must be simple in color.
  3. Students must keep their hair neatly groomed and conservatively styled.  Hair must be natural in color. Students’ hair should be out of their eyes.  Mohawks or “over” spiking is not allowed.
  4. Visible tattoos are not permitted.
  5. Light, natural-looking make-up is permitted for girls in grades 5 and up