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1. DRESSES, JUMPERS, SKIRTS, Skorts, and Shorts must be Top-of-Knee
(no more
than 2” as measured by the line at the back of the knee) or Below-the-Knee in length.
2. Pants must have a dark belt. Shirts must be tucked in for all elementary students and secondary men. Secondary ladies are not required to tuck in shirts.
3. Exclusions: embroidery (other than Veritas emblem), sandals, clogs, corduroy, denim, capris, cargo pants/shorts, leggings, hats, scarves, bandanas or distracting styles (e.g. dyed or unkempt hair, boys’ earrings, no-show socks, torn or soiled clothes, overdone makeup or jewelry, tattoos, immodesty, visible undergarments or camisoles, over or undersized clothing, long hair or facial hair for boys, etc.).
4. A PE uniform is required for 5th – 12th grade students. PE shirts and pants should be purchased by Lands’ End or from the School Office.
5. Jackets and non-uniform sweaters may not be worn in the classroom.
6. DRESS SHOES should be plain and either black, brown, or navy blue. No patterns, words, pictures, embellishments, or characters are permitted other than a small manufacturer’s name/logo. Shoes should be flat and without heels (Mary Janes, ballet flats, etc..).

Tuesdays Chapel Attire (All Students)

Men: khaki pants, white oxford shirts, Veritas school tie, and navy sweater vest and/or blazer (vest and blazers may be worn any time, but required from December to February)
Ladies: skirts, white blouse or oxford shirts, tie, and navy sweater vest and/or blazer (vest and blazers may be worn any time, but required from December to February)

*All sweaters, vests, and blazers should have Veritas logo.
*Every student is recommended to wear dress shoes.

Frequently Asked Uniform Questions

1. Do the girls have to tuck all shirts in, regardless of the cut? Elementary girls do. Secondary girls do not.
2. My son wears his oxford and tie with the top button undone and the tie loose. Is that OK? No, it isn’t.
3. My daughter has a pretty camisole that she wears under her blouse for modesty purposes. Should it be tucked in? Yes, it should. Camisoles and undershirts are considered undergarments and they must be out of sight.
4. Do the secondary girls have to wear the vest on chapel attire – dress uniform days? Yes, they do, from December to February. They may wear it throughout the year.
5. Is it all right to wear a sweater without a blouse or polo underneath? No, it isn’t.

What kinds of leggings are acceptable for girls? Stockings, tights, and nylons are fine. Footless leggings are not. Socks, stockings, tights, and nylons must be conservative, plain, and solid white, navy or black.

Accessories & Miscellaneous:

1. How do I know how tight is too tight for my daughter’s blouses, sweaters, and pants? If it looks like she has been poured into them, then they are too tight. It is the duty of the girls, as Christian sisters, to dress modestly wherever they go. If a shirt or pants are pulled tight against her front or back, it’s too tight.
2. Are elementary students allowed to wear athletic shoes? Elementary students may wear conservative athletic or dress shoes (conservative means no superman-light-up shoes, please).
3. How long must my son’s hair be to qualify as long hair? If a young man’s hair is below the middle of his collar, hanging down in his face, or covering the sides of his ears it will be considered too long.
4. What kind of jewelry is appropriate for my daughter? Small earrings on the lobe are fine. Earrings up around the top of the ear or anywhere else are inappropriate.
5. My son says that dark no-show or low-cut socks qualify as dress socks. Is that true? No, it isn’t.
6. My son has a great looking cartoon character tie that he’d like to wear. Is that conservative? No. it isn’t.
7. Is it OK for girls to wear colored hair accessories? As long as they match the outfit, they are fine.
8. My son likes to wear a necklace to school. Is that OK? As long as it is not visible, that is fine.
9. My son likes to wear orange t-shirts under his uniform shirt. Is that OK? T-shirts and camisoles must be white.
10. My secondary daughter likes to wear moccasins and my son likes to wear hiking boots to school. Do these qualify as dress shoes? No, they don’t.
11. My student runs cold. Can she wear a thermal layer under her long-sleeved blouse?
Certainly, as long as it is the same color as her blouse and is not visible.
12. Does my son need to be cleanly shaved? Yes, he does.

Field Day Attire:

All students are allowed to wear nice blue jeans (no holes, tears, or skinny jeans). K-4th girls should wear shorts that are close to the knee. No short shorts. 5th and above students should wear PE uniform shorts, if they are going to wear shorts.