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Tuition & Fees

Enrollment Fee

This is a one-time payment each year for both new and current families. The $500 Enrollment Fee for students is non-refundable at any time, unless acceptance is denied. $300 of the fee is credited toward the first payment.

Re-Enrollment Process (for Current Students)

Step 1: Re-Enrollment (everyone)
You will receive an invitation from the school or TADS to re-enroll your student(s). Follow the link, or go to (Setup Code:AP5W3-TEE) using your login information. Pay the $500 Enrollment Fee at the end of the process. Initial deadline is February 20th.

Step 2: Financial Aid Application (when applicable)
For those who are receiving any Financial Aid (scholarship, Reduced Tuition Plan, or both), and you would like to continue to receive them, you must re-apply through TADS for the next academic year. Our scholarship funds are raised through donations and are given based on need and first-come, first-serve basis. Another form of financial aid is paid campus work, either as supporting staff or campus assistant. Please check with school office for available campus work.

Step 3: Family Interview (when applicable)
If you have applied for the Financial Aid, and all financial documents have been uploaded, please schedule an interview with the Headmaster to finalize the Financial Aid for the next academic year.

Step 4: Billing Agreement Letter (everyone) (with Tuition Assistance award, if applicable)
After you have re-enrolled, you will need to electronically sign and return the Billing Agreement Letter that will be sent to you from the school.

Step 5: Enrollment Paperwork (everyone)
All families will be required to complete the enrollment paperwork for students to begin classes. Please see the Enrollment section in TADS for required documents.

All Families

$700 until February 28, 2022
$800 until March 31, 2022
$900 until April 30, 2022

($500 of the above amount will be deducted from the 1st payment)

Tuition Payment Plan

Monthly tuition payments are paid through TADS online payment by the 1st or 5th day of each month. These payments are divided over 12 months, June through May. Families may choose other payment plans, such as 11 payments, 4 payments, 2 payments, or 1 payment.
For the payment plans, if you choose 1 payment or 2 payments option, TADS will not charge the $50 TADS processing fee. $50 will be assessed by TADS, not Veritas, for the other plans. A $35 fee will be assessed by TADS, not Veritas, for any late payment.

Financial Information:


Junior Kindergarten (full-time)

Kindergarten – 6th grade
7th – 12th grade
Primary International
Secondary International

$945/12 months
$1040/12 months




Discounts (per family):

1-2 Students
3 Students
4 Students
5 Students

Full Price
10% off tuition
15% off tuition
20% off tuition

Part-Time Classes (Secondary only):

1 day a week classes
2 or 3 days a week classes
4 or 5 days a week classes

$400 per semester
$550 per semester
$800 per semester

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