Tuition & Fees

Enrollment Fee

This is a one-time payment each year and should be turned in to both register ($200) and secure a seat for the student (rest of the enrollment fee). The $500 Enrollment Fee for new students is non-refundable at any time, unless acceptance is denied.

$300 of the fee is credited toward the first payment. For current students, for the academic year 2020-2021, the Enrollment Fee is the $200 registration fee, if enrolled by April 30th (see below).


New Student

$500 until April 30, 2020
$600 May 1-31, 2020
$700 after June 1, 2020

($500 enrollment fee is non-refundable if student is dropped after April 30)

Current Student

$200 until April 30, 2020
$300 May 1-31, 2020
$400 after June 1, 2020

($300 penalty is assessed if student is dropped after April 30)

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    Tuition Payment Plan

    Monthly tuition payments are paid through TADS online payment by the 1st or 10th of each month. These payments are divided over 12 months, June through May. Families may choose payment plans, such as four payments, two payments, or 1 payment.
    For all payment plans, the first payment must be made in June, for which Veritas will absorb the $50 TADS processing fee. If the payment beings after June, TADS will assess the $50 Processing Fee for 12 or 4 payment plans. A $35 fee will be assessed by TADS for any late payment.

    Financial Information:

    Junior Kindergarten
    Kindergarten – 4th grade (3 days)
    Kindergarten – 4th grade (5 days)
    7th – 12th Grade (5 days)


    $640/12 months
    $605/12 months
    $800/12 months
    $875/12 months



    Discounts (per family):

    1-2 Students
    3 Students
    4 Students
    5 Students


    Full Price
    10% off tuition
    15% off tuition
    20% off tuition

    Part-Time Classes (Secondary only):

    1 day a week class
    2 or 3 days a week class
    4 or 5 days a week class


    $350 per semester
    $500 per semester
    $750 per semester

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