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Mr. Carl Sohmer

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Mr. Carl Sohmer

Logic 7/8th, Bible 7/8th, Great Ideas II, Church History, Hermeneutics, PE

Mr. Carl Sohmer is a Secondary Humanities Teacher and a House Dean for the Headmaster, David Kim. He has a B.S. in Preaching from Evangel University and M.A. in Philosophy from Talbot, Biola University. It is his third year teaching at Veritas. 

“Teaching is one of the most unique and meaningful jobs that I have found as a Christian. I get to express my full self, and passions for the content that I am teaching, for the sake of helping the students grasp what is really true, what is really good, and what is really beautiful. I also get to know/see these students grasp these ideas, take them as their own, and live them out. This process of students embodying these fantastic ideas is what it is all about!”

“The students at Veritas have become my joy and have constantly made me laugh and smile. From the excited 8th grader as they finally solve a proof in logic class, to the desire of a 12th grader to learn about the best ways to live out the Christian life in the great ideas class, I am constantly being encouraged by what I see. These students have made my job of teaching more enjoyable, more hilarious, and more enriching as I seek to follow Christ.”

“My favorite verse comes out of Daniel 12:1-3 where it talks about how the wise will shine like the stars. I love this verse because it reminds us that here at Veritas, we are trying to use the best resources that we know (the classics and the Trivium), by the grace of God, to make these students shine like the stars before all men. I want to be a part of that process of transforming students to be wise, so that’ll shine! That’s what I am all about! That’s what Veritas is all about!”