The Pre-Grammar Stage: In the earliest grades (Kindergarten and 1st grade), students prepare for the Grammar Stage by learning how to read, use numbers, be part of a class, form written letters, sing, build, and play. This is a time of exploration and discovery in which students use all of their senses to grasp an understanding of the world around them.

The Grammar Stage: In these grades (2nd through 6th grade), students absorb facts and lay the foundation for further study by learning rules or basic facts of various academic disciplines. This prepares them for the Logic Stage where they begin to ask the “Why’s and How’s” about the world around them. 

Two options are available for K-6th:

  • Full-time (Monday – Thursday, 8:30AM – 3:30PM; Friday, 8:30AM – 12:10PM).
  • Hybrid (Mon, Tues, Thurs, 8:30AM – 3:30PM)

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