Who We Are

Veritas is the first school in Orange County to offer Christ-centered, Classical Education for grades K-12. We provide a school-directed, comprehensive curriculum with an emphasis on parent involvement. Students in Grammar school (grades K-6) may enroll in our full-time program attending school five days a week or our hybrid model where they attend school three days a week while parents implement teacher-directed lessons at home on the other two days. Our Logic and Rhetoric schools (grades 7-12) offer a full-time program. Students in grades 7-12 may also choose to enroll in our secondary homeschooling program in which they may choose to take up to three regular courses at Veritas.

Our rigorous academics cover all subjects through the lens of a Christian worldview. In addition to traditional core subjects, such as math, English, history, and science, we offer drama, art, music, and P.E. By incorporating the arts with academics, we aim to develop the whole student.

Classical Education is a time-tested and proven method of educating the next generation. It is based on the trivium which takes into account various stages of development and uses curriculum appropriate for each stage. Classical Education has been around since the time of Socrates and cultivates students who think critically, listen with discernment, reason persuasively, and articulate clearly, all for the glory of God.

Our Philosophy

Rather than man being the center of reality (public education), God is the center of reality and all subjects are integrated and point to some of the communicable attributes of God. We use the trivium, an instructional method that aligns teaching with three cognitive developmental stages: grammar, logic (dialectic), and rhetoric. This approach has been practiced since ancient times and has produced some of the greatest thinkers in history including the founding fathers of the United States of America.


The seeds of Veritas began through the prayers of three families. They prayed that they would be faithful to the vision of God for raising their children, a vision clearly laid out in the Word of God. They prayed for ten students; God was gracious and provided more than thirty students. God also provided wonderful teachers, families, and staff. But, there was no facility. They prayed for a facility. Two weeks before opening day (in the fall of 2012), God provided a Brea church facility without charge! When Veritas outgrew the Brea church, Veritas moved to Yorba Linda and now meets at Branches Fullerton (formerly Temple Baptist) in Fullerton.