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Kindergarten School Stage

Kindergarten School Overview

The foundation of education at Veritas is for students to grow in their delight in the truth, goodness, and beauty of God. Students in their early years (Jr.K through grade 6) are especially designed by God to be filled with the wonders of God displayed in all of creation. This is done first and foremost by teaching the students to observe and absorb all of God’s creation from biblical perspective. Every part of the curriculum is designed to discern and reclaim the glory of God throughout history in all subjects of knowledge.

Emphasis is placed on catechism, memorization and imitating the great masters. Through nature study and field trips, students will have many opportunities to see and interact first-hand with the glory of God in the creation. Most importantly, students will form a clearer vision of God’s glory in creation by the Christ-like and personal guidance of the teacher.

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Kindergarten School Pedagogy

As Christians, we are people of the word. God reveals His truth to us through the Bible. It contains history, stories, poems, songs, prophetic writing, parables, unique story-telling formats (i.e. synoptic and non-synoptic gospels), theology epistles, and even specialized forms of writing such as apocalyptic literature. To understand the Bible, students need more than a simple understanding of language. True literacy involves knowing how to read these forms to obtain their intended meaning. We call this learning transcendent or poetic truth—truth that transcends the world around us. The pre-logic phase emphasizes this imaginative and exciting form of reading, writing, and understanding.

Kindergarten School Curriculum

The Kindergarten curriculum is composed of 9 sections: Language Arts, Literature, History, Bible, Math, Science, Art, Music, and Physical Education. During this stage students are taught to memorize, read classic tales such as the Three Little Pigs and The Little Red Hen, and are exposed to various genres such as fiction/nonfiction, fables, and poetry. They are also given an introduction to single addition and subtraction as well as concepts such as the human body, plants, and life cycles. In Bible, the students memorize the Lord’s Prayer, scripture, hymn, and Apostle’s creed and in Music they are given guidance to acculturation, fundamental means of musical performance, and improvisation. 

The Stages of Christian Classical Education