Veritas Classical Academy’s Home School Courses for Secondary Students

Veritas welcomes 7 – 12th grade homeschool students to our campus. We understand that parents may want to enhance their homeschool program by incorporating one (or a few) subject classes for their secondary level homeschool students. We desire to offer the Christian community a place where all students may receive Biblical instruction in all subjects. Veritas teachers teach from a Christian worldview which brings wholeness to each subject area: we understand that God is the author of all subjects. 

Veritas will provide the teacher, classroom environment, lesson instruction, assignments for home, quizzes, tests, and grades. Veritas offers your student knowledgeable teachers who can answer questions and help each student grow deeper in understanding. Veritas understands that you, the parent, have chosen to homeschool and keep your child’s grades: therefore, we provide the parent with grades but do not hold grades. Transcripts are the responsibility of the parent. Veritas is not a PSP. Your child must be enrolled in a PSP. 



Application/Registration Process:

  1. Complete the application and submit it along with the $100 application fee.
  2. Schedule a family interview.
  3. Families will be notified of the application decision.
  4. Once your student has been accepted, the comprehensive registration process will follow.
  5. Tuition is based on the number of days a class meets. Classes that meet for four to five days a week have a tuition of $750 per semester. Classes that meet one day each week have a tuition of $350 per semester.


  1. Each homeschooling student may enroll in up to three classes.
  2. Students may stay on campus if they have one free period between classes. If more than one free period, then parents need to arrange to have their students leave campus and return when their next class begins.
  3. To feel a part of the Veritas community, we ask that homeschooling students wear the Veritas uniform or the same color polo shirts with logo as the Veritas uniform.

Course Offerings for 2019-20 Spring semester (Classes begin Jan. 13, 2020.)

  • English, grades 7, 8
  • History, grades 7, 8
  • Geometry, grades 8, 9
  • Biology, grade 9
For more class information, please call the office at (949) 557 – 1311.